Brian Mifsud
Hines Management
Teri Ritter
TEL: 416-463-8773 FAX: 416-463-8774
HEIGHT: 6'1" WEIGHT: 150 lbs
HAIR: Brown - Light EYES: Hazel
Stock & Awe Lead / Wes Tarmac BNN Business News Network
Chambers Gate Lead / Fischer Asopa Films Inc.
Hardly Trying Lead / Wes 3Shade Productions
Jane Doe Principal / Johnny Rendition Films
Aurora Principal / Xavier Sheridan 3x3
Breaking up is hard to do Lead / Justin 3ShadeProductions
Waiting for Rich Principal / Nigel 401A Productions
Cake Principal / Andrew 3ShadeProductions
Big Brother Principal / Big Brother 3ShadeProductions
From Within Lead / Tracey Drunken Lens Film
Dollhouse Lead / Candy Man Chronograph Productions
Dessert Principal / Husband Dessert Productions
Vest Friends Principal / Todd Vest Productions
Stiff Luv Principal / Heathcliffe Adrian Keats Productions
Joe Emergent Lead / Joe Emergent Canary Productions
The Pencil Sharpener Principal / Mark Just a Minute Films
Dark Memories Principal / Arbuck Just a Minute Films
The Wizard of Oz Parody Lead / Cowardly Lion Film Forge Productions
Lobotomy Principal / Jon Stallion Pictures
Kids in the Hall: Brain Candy Actor Paramount
Laundry: A Love Story Actor MojoPro
Fast Forward Actor Disney
Theatre: Selected
Second City - From Beer to Eternity Company Second City Mainstage - Conservatory
Bliss Creek Principal / Cody Reelheart Film Festival '08
Half Moon Half Sun Principal / Alberto Inspirato Theatre
Channel 79 Principal / Brad Reelheart Film Festival '07
Julias Caesar Lead / Octavius Caesar Theatre Humber
Celebrazio Company Theatre Humber
Arts Camp Lead / Timmy Pearson SS
God Actor / Stanley Kowalski Pearson SS
Commercial Workshop Gloria Mann
Second City Conservatory Graduate Moira Dunphy
Improv for Actors Doug Morency
Level 1 Moira Dunphy
On Camera Audition Dynamics Ron Leach
Acting Seminar Paul Weber
Film Audition Intensive Marc Baur
Actor Symposium Brian Levy, Crystal Kramer, Ron Leach
Scene Dynamics Ron Leach
Humber College Theatre Performance Diana Belshaw
Fluent in French Certified Bartender Canoeing
Billiards G Drivers Licence Yoga
Tai Chi Computers World Traveler
Card Dealer

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