Emily Schooley
HOME: 647-217-6472
EMAIL: emily.schooley@gmail.com
HEIGHT: 5'7" WEIGHT: 135 lbs
HAIR: Red EYES: Green
WEBSITE: emilyschooley.com
Selected Film and Television
M is for Mother Lead Faustian Productions/Dir: Set Shute
Out of Time - Episode 7 Principal Flyin' Monkey Films/Dir: Rodney V. Smith
Motives and Murders II – Episode #7 “Sharon Bloom” Actor Cineflix / Next Films / Marcus Valentin
One Week in Windchocombe Lead Department 7 Films/Dir: Jeffery J. Timbrell
My Screaming Neighbours Lead Asteroidea Films/Dir: B. Shrimpton
Clutch Principal Mojopro Films/Dir: Jonathan Robbins
Black Eve Principal Fusion Films/Dir: Ryan M. Andrews
Confidence Tricks Principal Crysis Films/Dir: Asher Hunter
Inspiration Featured Skeleton Key Films/Dir: Jason Armstrong
The Dark Knight Rises SOC Warner Bros/Dir: Christopher Nolan
Stiffs on the Green Principal Marrin's Movies Productions/Dir: Paul Marrin
The Making of a King Principal Ratling Productions/Dir: Danute Dorion
The Witching Hour Lead Department 7 Films/Dir: Jeffery J. Timbrell
Two Bucks Short Principal Cramberry Productions/Dir: Glen Cram
140 Lead Pale Stone Productions/Dir: Frank Kelly
Initiation Lead Mythical Beast Films/Dir: Travis Fantina
143 Lead Spec Project/Dir: Mark Stever
Justice Principal FBN Multimedia/Dir: C. Edward Stewart
Complex Principal Laughing Cat Productions/Dir: Emily Schooley
Intermission Principal Ryerson/Dir: Tyler Lemaich
The Ticket Lead FBN Multimedia/Dir: C. Edward Stewart
Speed Demon Principal Puur Media/Dir: Brad Schinkel
Orange Girl Lead Cerabolic Productions/Dir: C. Edward Stewart
Selected Theatre
Zed.TO (Official Toronto Fringe and Nuit Blanche Selection) Dahlia Joss The Mission Business/Dir: Byron Laviolette
Informing Content Carlos Volcano Theatre/Dir: Hazel Venzon
Kitchen Party Nervous Breakdown Kat Cabaret Company/Dir: Sky Gilbert
The Other Side of the Rhyme Captain/Black Sheep Daisy Theatre Productions/Dir: Chuck McPhail
Sex, Relationships, and Sometimes Love Bulgarian Princess Kingston 6 Entertainment/Dir: Roger Dundas
Sex, Relationships, and Sometimes Love 'Ally' Ryan Singh Enterprises/Dir: Ryan Singh
The Beggar's Opera Mrs. Vixen KWLT/Dir: Chris Rovers
The Windows Lila Flush Ink Productions/Dir: David Anscherl
Graveyard Shift Teresa Flush Ink Productions/Dir: David Anscherl
Featuring Loretta Sophie University of Waterloo (scene study)
Good Night Desdemona Constance Forgetting Inhibition
A Doll's House Nora University of Windsor (scene study)
The Vagina Monologues British Woman UW Womyn's Centre
Selected Modeling
Print Work Clothing Model Metal Star Fashions
Awards Show Trophy Girl The Constellation Awards
Promotional Material Business Student University of Waterloo
Runway Fetish Model To Die For Designs
Volcano Theatre Conservatory Peggy Baker & Sigrid Herzog
Commercial and Scene Study Gloria Mann
Audition Technique Jenny Lewis & Sara Kay / Brian Levy / Crystal Kramer
Improv and Stand-up Comedy Second City / Impatient Theatre Co / Ron Sparks
BA Honours Dramatic Arts - graduated with honours June 2007
Stage Combat John Stead University of Waterloo
Contact Improv Tanya Williams University of Waterloo
Mask Creation and Animation Teodoro Dragoneiri University of Waterloo
Physical Acting and Clown Andy Houston University of Waterloo
Acting Heather Hill University of Waterloo
Acting Wenna Shaw University of Windsor
Eastern Movement Bernie Warren University of Windsor
Movement and Voice Gina Lori Riley University of Windsor
Special Skills and Interests
Photography. Writing. Painting. Cooking. Food and wine.
Vocal Range: mezzo-soprano (not formally trained).
Accents and Languages: Japanese, French, RP, can learn others quickly
Activities and Sports: yoga, horseback riding (English & Western), figure skating
volleyball, soccer, roller skating, fishing,
bicycling, running, rock climbing, canoeing, wrestling
pillow fighting, camping
Animal Husbandry: cats, dogs, birds, reptiles, horses, and others
Combat and Weapons Experience: unarmed, small sword (and shield), broadsword, quarterstaff,
Driving: standard, automatic and stunts (car), small craft (boats)
Links and Websites
Official Site: http://emilyschooley.com
IMDB: http://www.imdb.com/name/nm3191505/
Demo Reel: http://youtu.be/DxKvRpFFAl0
Commercial List Available Upon Request

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