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Hello everyone, This is just a quick thank you to talent and Casting for making our AACTION Pre-Screen a success. Yesterday marked our 6th Pre-screen session and it went remarkably well! Thank you to Millie Tom for donating her afternoon to meet Talent. Millie saw over 20 people one-on-one and was very pleased with the level of talent she met. Thank you to everyone for your professionalism. The Pre-screen rolls on. The guest for the June session will be announced soon. Sincerely, -Claude Limberger, President -Sean Ballantyne, Manager of Operations

Aaction Pre-screen - Casting

Hey Everyone, I just wanted to thank Sean for all his hard work and dedication organizing the monthly casting director meetings. He suffered through pnumonia (I think that's how you spell it) and he seemed really sick when I was chatting with him on the phone. Despite it all he organized a really successful metting with Crystal and Mercedez last night with a whole bunch of actors. Thanks again Sean!!

Dan Fox - Talent


Shea Layton

I just wanted to write a quick note to say thanks to Aaction admin for the service you provide. I submitted for an Industrial with Giantkiller Creative a few weeks ago, auditioned last week and was booked for work yesterday. Thanks again!V

Victoria Murdoch - Talent

I love the new feature where you see the details of the breaksown when you hover over it. You've done a lot of great work on the site. Thanks

Suzanne Farla - Talent

I just wanted to say thankyou for providing the forum for a successful casting session. After reviewing submissions and using the shortlisting feature, I was easily able to share my choices with the producers, and through the casting session that followed we found our lead actress for the 1963 thriller Sleep Clinic. The film just wrapped, and Nicole Lee Smith, who I'm not sure that we would've discovered at all were it not for AACTION, was incredible in the part.Jonathan Robbinsdirector, Sleep Clinic

Jonathan Robbins - Casting

I would like to extend a thank you to Aaction and Barbara Deutsch for the opportunity to take her workshop this past weekend. I found it to be invaluable in networking with other show biz types within my new city and in gaining further perspective of this industry. Thank you again, it was a fantastic weekend!

Fleur Jacobs - Talent

Hey there! Just wanted to say THANK YOU so much for offering up free tickets to AACTION members to see the Blue Man Group. I was lucky enough to be one of the first four people to respond to the notice and got myself a seat at the show! Lemme say - the show was a lot of fun! I had never seen the Blue guys before and they were great! Anyhoo - muchos grasias for the ticket! You guys rock! Vanessa

Vanessa Burns - Talent

I would recommend that being on Aaction is a MUST for any independent actor,as well as for those with representation. I use Aaction regularly as part ofmy casting process and am never disappointed. I have found some verytalented actors on Aaction who we have auditioned and then booked on bothfilm and commercial projects. The data base is strong and continuallygrowing. Sean, your attention to detail on the site is second to none. Ilook forward to my next opportunity to do an Aaction Pre-Screen! Brian Levy, CDC,IEPCasting DirectorBLC Inc o/a Fly CastingToronto

Brian Levy - Casting

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